About Me

Born in 1993, in Porto, Portugal, I’ve always been interested in drawing from an early age, particularly with literary illustrations of old European tales. Enchanted over the mysticism and detail of such works I’ve since searched for the subtle narrative weaved within aesthetics.

Due to my Classical Arts background my works present a strong sense of visual harmony, initiating the process with a traditional drawing method as a basis for most of my projects I proceed to explore various mediums in order to bring my ideas to life. Mostly via the use of mixed media amongst which are digital programs, traditional techniques, various materials in an Arts and Crafts spirit and recently 2D and 3D animation.

I am passionate about exploring different colour and methods, through which I can push the boundaries of my practice and further develop by expanding new possibilities and solutions, introducing new perspectives onto my artworks.

Much like storytelling, Art is a conversation in its own right, so when working on a project my process stems from the question: “What do I want to talk about”?         Through this question I can use my skills to best propose a topic to the audience, to be discussed or simply heard. Such might derive from a personal experience, an idea or a social issue I believe needs to be addressed.


Other works can be found on my social media, amongst which are sketches, short animations and concepts.