Animated shorts or singular pieces, created in 2D or 3D animation.

The visuals are a mix of traditional with digital drawing, later edited.

Turritopsis Nutricula

This project was an exploration of the immortal biological system of the jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula.


The visuals were created with digital drawing  and animated into a 2D short animation.

Cycle Calendar

The animation takes on a more cynematographic approach of the jellyfish’s life cycle.

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This project is a reflection on the growing issue of child homelessness in my home town of Porto in Portugal, expressed in the format of an art installation projected in 3D animation.

humna alendar

Human cycle calendar

Within the same project as the Turritopsis Nutricula life cycle, an alternate human life cycle was created, based on the possibility of the human genome adopting the Turritopsis’ immortal mechanism.

alternate cycle

Similarly to the Turritopsis’ animation, the human version takes on a more expressive tone rather than documentary. The focus strays away from most of the stages and embraces the unfamiliar