Series of commissioned portraits, made with mixed media.                                                                                                                                To order your own check the Commissions Page here.


Illustrations commissioned for book projects.                                                                                                          


Cover and back cover for the
E-book "Insignia" by Averyl Day Merrit.




 The illustrations for the ebooks “Seals on Land” (here) and “Bruises” (here) were a commissioned project by Auris Tech limited for their app Fonetti, designed to aid children with literacy issues.

"Seals on Land"

Illustrations for the ebook "Seals on Land"
by Karolina Ros Olafsdottir.


Illustrations for the ebook "Bruises"
by Penny Scott.



Beer can label for the breweries Mashionistas
and the Twisted Barrel, in partnership
with Artspace.

© 2021, Luisa Freitas