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I am currently taking part in an exciting virtual art exhibition “Stay Connected”. An art initiative curated by Lois Emma Harkin, in the form of a 3D Art Gallery (also available in VR format) showcasing the artworks of 23 artists worldwide in a unique, Covid safe environment.  

The online exhibition was launched on the 15th of November and will be running until 15th of December.

To see the exhibition website go here

To see the full 360 Art Gallery tour go here

To see my artist profile on Stay Connected go here

This week I had the opportunity of being interviewed by Aiden Wynn for an article on my latest project “Trichotillomania Lockdown Calendar”, for Metro UK Lifestyle. The article explores what the Covid-19 quarantine is like for Trichotillomania sufferers and uses my work as an example of how much it impacts the mental wellbeing of people with this condition. 

It was great to collaborate with Aiden on this article, and is specially rewarding to raise awareness on this subject. 

To see the full article go here

To see my full art piece go here

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