This section covers art projects, with both  academic and personal content, as well as commissioned. 


Academic works, Various sizes, Installed at Drapers Coventry, UK


Commissioned cover and back cover for the
E-book "Insignia" by Averyl Day Merrit.

Illustrations, dried pastel on paper and digital painting.

"Through the Scope"


Book created as the first MA project in the course Illustration and Animation, in Coventry University. This story follows the life of an autistic child whose body is in the third dimension while the mind is trapped in the 12th, whose mind is trapped in the 12th dimension but whose body remains in the 3rd, making it difficult to establish communication.

This video covers a series of sound environments from the pages of the book “Through the scope”, in which the locations and different stages of the story are “painted” with soundtrack. This process further makes the viewer engrossed in the story.


“Through the Scope”, mixed media (watercolour on paper and digital painting). Environments, premiere pro and sounds outsourced from “Freesound”.

Sapiens puzzle

These sliding puzzles are a work for the project “Being Human”, in which I united the idea of a puzzle game with that of the human genetic combinations.

Such was as a means to remind the audience that humanity is a species as a whole and not separated by genome variations.


Other projects consist of animated shorts or singular pieces, with both 2D and 3D.