Art Workshops

Luisa offers a variety of art workshops to children, families and adult groups, as well as organisations. The art sessions are adapted to the unique needs of each group and individual, with different levels of technical difficulty. 

Events, Schools and Collaborations

Luisa’s group workshops are ideal for events, and she has experience running drop in sessions with families and visitors of all ages who wish to try out a new art practice during a short period of time. Suitable for indoor or outdoor events. Some of her collaborators include ‘Sitting Rooms of Culture’ and ‘Ludic Rooms’.

With knowledge in different art mediums Luisa provides workshops to schools and organisations, offering sessions adapted to their curriculum, and ran some of her latest workshops with ‘Sidney Stringer Primary Academy’, ‘Radford Academy Primary’ and ‘Hope Community Projects’. 

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Art Mediums

The Art classes provided by Luisa are focused on traditional art mediums, and she teaches different forms of drawing and painting such as Watercolour and Acrylic painting, drawing with pencil, oil pastel and dry pastel. She also teaches how to make Acrylic, Oil and Tempera paint from soil, as well as other Arts and Crafts activities like Collage, Resin Casting and Printmaking. 

Workshop Gallery

Art Workshop Gallery