In Memoriam 2021

Luisa Freitas

In December 2020 I took part in the ‘In Memoriam’ 2021 initiative curated by Artcore Gallery, where artists from the West Midlands region were invited to create postcard-size artworks related to the personal experiences with loss cause by the Covid-19 pandemic, as a way of bringing emotional relief, a sense of closure and also as a method of honouring those whose lives have been lost. These artworks were later exhibited in Feb 22nd 2021 in an online art exhibition and auction, as a fundraiser for the contributing artists and the families that were most affected by the pandemic.

Artcore is an international centre for contemporary art and creativity based in Derby, UK, and is home to Artcore Gallery, where they offer opportunities for diverse audiences to engage directly with creative practices through participation and discussion. Artcore Gallery believes that contemporary art and creativity are central to the development of people and places, and so they have an extensive exhibition and residency programme which helps support early, mid-career and established artists to create work which deals with pressing social, political and environmental issues. 

In Our Thoughts

In 2020, Artcore initiated ‘In Our Thoughts’, a year-long participatory project supported by mental health charity MIND, which supported communities in response to the impact of the global pandemic.

As part of ‘In Our Thoughts’, Artcore launched an open-call for a companion project ‘In Memoriam’, inviting artists based in the West Midlands to produce a postcard sized artwork to be exhibited online and auctioned as a fundraiser for Artcore’s work with communities affected by Covid-19, and also as a way of supporting the artistic community. The aim is to provide a platform that not only supports local makers and artists, but also a space that brings people together as a community with shared experiences of the pandemic. ‘In Memoriam’ celebrates a variety of forms of creativity, including photography, painting and collage. Many of the artists involved in the project have works which reflect their daily routine and personal experience of the pandemic.

See more about ‘In Our Thoughts’ project here.

See ‘In Memoriam’ website here.

My work

My submission for the ‘In Memoriam’ postcard exhibition, was a series of four artworks comprised of drawings that reflect my emotional state during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine. These range from a general state of mind to an expression of ym personal experience navigating through the pandemic.

The watercolour piece titled “Lilies, Solidagos and Lisianthus” was made to honour the memory of those who have passed during the covid-19 with flowers that represent gratitude, mourning and peace. The work titled “Rebirth” features robin birds in branches, symbolising hope and the beginning of something new.

The work titled “Grief”, showcases a ribcage with thorns, a raven, flowers and a snake entangled within it, as an expression of my negative emotional state and pressure I felt during the early stages of the pandemic. And lastly, the work titled “Let Go”, showcases the need to release negativity by allowing it to flow out of my mind.

See ‘In Memoriam’ exhibition here.

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The silent auction opened on Friday 26th of February at 16h via zoom and closed on Friday 5th of March. The proceeds of the silent auction will be shared between the contributing artists and Artcore’s wider ‘In Our Thoughts’ project.

Being part of the ‘In Memoriam’ project really opened up my eyes to all the possibilities in which art can support local and wider communities during difficult times, while also putting more art into the world. It has been a wonderful experience to join the cause. 

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© 2021, Luisa Freitas